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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

cool about the HTPC. Before I got my oppo I was seriously considering that myself.

Question: do any of the new HTPC solutions for HD DVD/BD provided decoding for lossless audio? Are there boards with HDMI 1.3 outputs for delivery of AV to display/receiver for those who don't/can't go VGA?
Yes, you can ge LPCM from the audio outputs of the sound card and go into the Multi Channel inputs - you get uncompress lossless audio. The new updates to PowerDVD have fixed the downmixing problem. TotalMedia Theater still has a few bugs (especially for ATI users) but it allows you to turn downmixing off! There are solutions (motherboards and a few video cards) that allow HDMI 1.3 over the video card (Nvidia has a card 8600 I believe and Gigabyte has an onboard solution for their new Phenom motherboards).
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