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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Vinyl Rules! View Post
Now here's another consideration: Do older people or younger people have more discretionary income? Right - older people do. But, how sharp is their vision?
I believe you are incorrect here, while yes, older people (I might @ 40 even fall into this category) have more money, the mass of younger folks actually spend more then the older folks do, so their spending is quite significant.

As for the evolutionary jump, I think the real benefit DVD offered over VHS was what CD offered over cassette tape, CONVENIENCE. This is the reason I have stood fast that while I own both HD DVD and BNLu-ray, and have had players oh, since the first day or week they both came out, and love the added picture and audio quality through and though and wouldn't give up either player (though I doubt I'll be buying another HD DVD player unless it's a steal or combo player) I feel they both (well HD DVD already lost the first battle) will lost to downloads.

Downloads offer convenience. I can add an Apple TV and conveniently download HD (720p) content NOW for $229 plus download fees, some films I can even buy. Once they get this stepped up to 1080p and maybe even HD audio formats, I will start using one in my reviews and daily life as routinely as Blu-ray and HD DVD.

I'm not trying to be a prophet of doom, but a few big HD's on my network for storing all my regular SD DVD's and a good HD download feed and I've got huge convenience.

That is what will win the war, quality won't dictate the winner. Convenience will. Hopefully we will get a good jump in quality as well.
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