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Default Re: Naming of hard drives

Hehe, way better than "C:\"

I have run into some problems with naming conventions, since I own Macs and SGI Irix unix systems, and I use similar systems at work, but have to sometimes exchange data with M$ Windows.

Today, I had a Mac folder with a name similar to "old->new" that had folders and files in it. I copied this onto a memory stick and brought it to the work PC for transfer to the Work SGI. (The SGI can't read flash drives, and I'm not permitted to connect the Mac to the SGI via a network)

The folder name represented some data for a conversion that was "in work". This name works just fine on the Mac, but when I FTP'd the directory to the SGI from a Windows PC, the ">" character in the name was changed to a "?" and the files and folders where not present. When I went back to the original folder on the Mac and named it "old-2-new", the process worked as expected and the files were accessible. I did not spend the time determining which system PC or SGI was getting tripped up.

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
We have a LONG STANDING tradition of naming hard drives here at

We have cycled through most of the names in the Simpsons, Spinal Tap and The Sopranos.

Right now I have drives named - Johnny Sack, Mich Shrimpton and Doug Llewelyn (the reporter from The People's Court).

On a Mac you can cut and past a gif from say Photoshop or Image Ready and click the drive ONCE. You then hit APPL+I for "get info" and single click the drive icon in the upper left corner. You can then APPL=V "paste" the image onto the drive so that if you want a head shot of Ronnie James Dio on your so-called drive - you can have it.

Now THAT is PC Convergence!!!!
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