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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
Sure, but I wasn't talking about PCs (PCs weren't really part of the BD-player comparison discussion). The fact that PCs can legally deliver it over analog via VGA is the exception that proves the rule. This also doesn't alter the fact that any consumer using HDMI (for whatever reason) for video isn't using the video analog conversion in the player, but rather in the display device.
That's 10-4 David I'm just keeping things honest here (LOL)! I'm big into HTPC and that's just the way I went with BD. I'm very satisfied with the results and so is my wife. It's the best $189.00 that I spent (didn't have to re-buy PowerDVD - I already had it for HD-DVD) so it all panned out in the end. I'm currently look at a few Gigabyte Motherboards with onboard HDMI (verified audio over HDMI) and they do play BD well. Looking at a Phenom processor on this. Goldear if you're out there - I'm still looking, but almost finished (best price for the best perfomanced - while remaining high-end). I'm taking my time because you have high caliber equiment and it deserves only the best! Talking to a few of my other tech friends.
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