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Default Re: Is Warner’s Hybrid “Total HD” Disc Dead?

I hate format wars!!! It's bad for the consumer and bad for the get rich big companies. More choices and competition is always good for the consumer however. I just invested in the Sony PS3 so I can enjoy more HD "TODAY". I also just purchased the 70" Sony SXRD tv. But, what worries me is it seems that Sony is losing money on the PS3 ($499, free controller, 5 free BR movies) to get more players in the market and then recoup. the money on the software by keeping prices high. They will have bragging rights of more players and titles sold. Also, although I am a Sony electronics lover, they are known for copy protection and holding all the control over your media, and BlueRay recorders will definately be limited in resolution. Do we want Sony to win this war???
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