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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

I think your comment Jerry is a valid one and also begs another issue. While I personally love B&W's 802d loudspeakers and have been a fan of uber brand Wilson Audio for some time, is it their price that keeps them exclusive? Take for instance my reference Paradigm S8's which deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with the likes of the 802d's and Watt Puppies, however, because they're Paradigm they are often looked at as terrific values or performance for the money speakers unlike Wilson's or high dollar B&W's. How much does a speaker's price play into our perceived level of ultimate performance? Look at Usher Loudspeakers or even Gallo, again two brands that are simply stellar in every way from looks to sound yet don't quite garnish the Ferrari like mystique quite the same way as Wilson, Avalon, etc etc. If Wilson and the like are the Ferrari's of the loudspeaker world then are brands like Paradigm, Definitive, Usher and Gallo the Mercedes AMG's? Just as good, just not Ferrari? I'm not sure there is a clear answer, but it's interesting never the less.
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