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Default Re: New to this forum, how's my setup?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Welcome to the forum!

Interesting looking speakers, with that driver array do they tolerate being so close to the side walls well?

I assume you took these pictures at several different times.... Why?

Well, the Harmony 1000 is in two different places, oh and all the other remotes on the table next to the one seat..... Sorry, noticed it and had to comment!

Congrats on the rig!
Hi Buddy thanks for the reply. They sound fine where they are as the actual creator of the speakers came and set them up for me. I took the pictures as several different times.. yes. I wasn't aware of breaking any time space continuum rules by this. I have the remotes next to my seat because i prefer the response time they have as opposed to the harmony 1000i. I still can't get it to respond fast enough annoying thing that it is. Almost prefect control with a few small things that can really detract from it. IMHO.
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