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Default Re: Sony selling OLED sets @ Sony Style

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Ok, I finally got out to see this thing and first off let me say it is flippin' TINY! You can't begin to imagine what an 11" 16:9 display is until you see it..... I overlooked it and had to ask the salesman if they had it! I thought is was a portable DVD player, it's that little!.
I had the same problem when I went in looking for it. I was watching it from like a foot or closer away trying to see how well it handled motion which it seemed to do well. . . but then again the screen is just so tiny.

I did not like how you were forced into using its base either.

When I was at the store, on a weekend, no one was really even looking at it and the store was pretty full. JSP has no interest / desire for an 11" screen, much less one for $2,499.00.
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