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Default Re: Chime in on my debate with AIX Records

Originally Posted by J.J. View Post
I think if the good new music was released in better quality discs they would sell more. Especially with fewer really good artists out there.
This is one area that still frustrates many within the music industry, ie. how many people REALLY care about sound quality enough to keep purchasing high-quality music discs?

And here's some logic that MIGHT someday return to the financial drawing boards:

a) People will continue to buy "compressed" files forever


b) We are ALWAYS looking for ways to maximize the ROI for each recording


c) Maybe we should re-visit the economics of releasing a few more "discs" that utilize the most advanced technology AND then we can continue to sell our master recordings to BOTH types of consumers?

Obviously the magic questions remain... which formats... which recordings... at what cost... how many can you sell?

But crazy as it may sound to some execs, I believe that there are a few ultra-creative people who are still quite passionate about this subject... and will soon surprise the industry with a sensible new marketing plan!

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