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Default Re: Sony selling OLED sets @ Sony Style

Ok, I finally got out to see this thing and first off let me say it is flippin' TINY! You can't begin to imagine what an 11" 16:9 display is until you see it..... I overlooked it and had to ask the salesman if they had it! I thought is was a portable DVD player, it's that little!

I watched a scene from Casino Royal on a PS3, and the detail looked very good, but even at the 3 feet or so I was watching it at it was way to small. I think if it was on my lap it would be to small as well!

I was very surprised when I asked if they had sold any and the salesman told me they've already sold 15 of them! I can't see $2,499 for a small TV to stand in the kitchen, oh, yeah, the stand isn't removable so it has to sit on something. The actual panel is pretty thin, but Pioneer had a 3mm thick (or thin) plasma @ CES and LCD's were 1.5" thick so how long will it be before they all are super thin?

I don't know, to me the technology shows a lot of promise, even from my brief demo, but I fear it is still a few years off being a real world system.
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