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Default Re: What gear do you like to LOOK at?

I like looking at the older gear. It seemed so much more substantial with all the mechanical knobs and transistors, or even tubes. I have several stacks of old gear that I love to look at.
Some of my favorites:

My two Fisher tube components. X-100-A amp and FM-90-B tuner. When all the tubes are lit up and glowing it looks like a retro-futuristic city skyline.

I have a Carver power amp, pre amp and tuner with a Denon turntable and Mitsubishi EQ. Serious looking solid 80's gear. Like looking at that. Don't have the model numbers of those here, the gear is stored at my sister's for now.

And then finally my Technics SL-1900 Turntable and JVC RX-8000 Receiver.

That's stuff that I actually own now and like to look at. Stuff that I don't own and can only lust after would be a stack of McIntosh gear and some old Bang and Olsen. I used to have a Dual 505 turntable years ago that was a looker. And I wore out a nice Technics linear tracking turntable years ago that was sleek. I used to like the look of a nice set of Bose 901s. And two of my brothers each had a pair of Klipsch La Scala's that were impressive to look at. Way back when I was a teen, I had a Pioneer receiver that gave off a nice blue glow at night that I would fall asleep to.

I have the modern gear now and love what it does and how it sounds. But for looks, today's VFD displays don't look as impressive as the knobs, switches and buttons of yore.
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