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Default Re: Mac Office 2008 is lame!

Hehe, Thats what you get for buying M$ Office. I use NeoOffice, though I know it doesn't do a handful of things that M$ Office does (histogram function in the spreadsheet come to mind), it does most everything I need.

I hope you're not surprised by that file incompatibility thing. They've been deliberately breaking their prior file formats to drive consumers to purchase needless upgrades FOR YEARS.

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I thought I'd go with the newest MS update for Office as I now use a mix of Intel and Apple based processors in my mac's....

WOW was I wrong! The new MS Word .docx file type is completely unusable for any one else, the format of the screens is so totally Microsoft with the massive upper bars and such that just eat up all your screen space, when on a laptop, even on my 23" monitor I felt cheated!

Is there any reason for me not to sell this off for scrap?
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