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Default Re: Which power supply???

I have no doubt the PurePower stuff is awsome. I have a question though. Nowhere in their information does it say that each of the recepticles are isolated zones. This is really important when combining digital and analog components.

I currently have two Richard Grays and a PS Audio P300 in my HT. I was on the verge of ordering the PS Audio Power Plant Premier, until I read your review of the PurePower. The PPP is not current limiting, like the P300 was. They also did away with the multitude of signwaves. I have my P300 set on standard 60. The PPP also has isolated zones to prevent cross contamination between the components. It also switches to straight wall power when overloaded, although I can't image that happening in my system. The battery backup is nice to have, but not a driving factor for me.

Have you reviewed the PPP yet? Any thoughts.
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