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Default Re: Considering moving from the MX500 to a Harmony One

Yes, I did. I am cautiously optimistic that it is going to be a keeper. Had a 12 percent coupon for BB, so it took $30 off the cost. I have been playing with it ever since. Challenging...

Software is deficient in many ways (see my posts at the programming forum at logitech for more info.) Things I haven't made public is that I think it has changed some of my Additional Button mappings now and then, and it occasionally freezes up when learning IR codes; exiting and re-starting solves that issue.

Quite challenging programming a 3-zone receiver (Denon AVR 3080ci) when Harmony only knows about 2 of them. I went back to the basics, an am going to get Zone1 solid before I go in again for the other two zones. I'm still plugging along. I will follow up here by Friday morning.

The good stuff to report: I have activities for the TVs in the three rooms, and single pushes turn on/orr everything, and leave Favorite channels, and/or DVR commands accessible. 4 more activities for XM, Radio, iNet, and Phono also work as advertized.

I have yet to need to go to device-specific commands. Going from one activity to another is convenient. I leave a room active if I turn on another room, and hide the IR beam if I have to go return to an activity I have left.

Thanks for asking... I do love its format and convenience.
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