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Default Favorite Beer?

Sure, I know many folks will bad mouth a beer topic for wine or fine liquor, and I too like those, but many days I just want a beer!

Mood and circumstance dictate what that beer will be for me, some days it's just a simple Bud Light, while others it's far more upscale. I have a propensity for Belgian whites so Hoegaarden is a big favorite of mine, especially when I can find it on tap! I like the new Blue Moon Rising Moon as well as many Hefeweizen's.

Today I went for the gusto and bought a six of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale, it's a Barleywine so it's super strong at 9.6% so you can't drink many of them, but they are tasty when your in the mood! When I am trying to keep it sober or just away from something as strong I really like the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which I can get locally on draft as well.

What's your taste?
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