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Default Re: What gear do you like to LOOK at?

Hovland, hands down the best looking gear on earth. The nice thing is, their products sound phenomenal as well. Don't have time to post pics, but I own their HP-100 tube preamp and will be adding a Radia power amp soon. Or maybe Stratos. The Sapphire tube amp is killer however, not quite enough juice for my needs. Hovland claims their Radia with the HP-100 is the best of both worlds.

Next to Hovland, I have to say I have a soft spot for Pass gear and B&W's 800 line. Mark Levinson, Krell, and Wilson have been favorites for a while, but you can't beat a pair of CLS's backlit with a pair of Krell or PASS monos by their side fed to a Hovland pre. Heaven on earth.

Thrown in a Grand Prix audio rack (I know Ken, I know) and you may have the greatest system visually (and perhaps aurally) ever...
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