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Smile Re: Studios Are Trying to Stop DVDs From Fading to Black

Originally Posted by Vinyl Rules! View Post
. . . And for those who believe 50 MB to 100MB is years off, (1) You are wrong {obviously none of you making these comments work in the networking industry}; and (2) We have a home in a small rural western North Carolina town of about 6,000, and we get currently get 15 MB DSL, over copper, from Embarq for $29.95/month. Sooner or later either they or our cable provider (Charter) is going to bite the bullet and make fibre available. . .
Just a quick side note to this. My office building is getting Verizon FIOS "any day now" with promised speeds of 45MB. The hardware is here, they are just working out some billing controversies with tenants. . .
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