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Cool Re: Chime in on my debate with AIX Records

I agree with both sides. I have upgraded (if you call it that) for sound quality issues or just pure ease of use, from LP to cassette to CD and now to the high rez. and surround sound discs. I think if the good new music was released in better quality discs they would sell more. Especially with fewer really good artists out there. I would upgrade to better discs that I already own if they were my favorites and no new music was available at the time. I would rather spend my dollar on new music first and upgrade later.

I believe part of the failures of SACD and DVD-A were because of first, two different formats, and second because of the lack of new titles. I know some of the current artists are taking control of their own recordings and doing surround sound on their own without the backing of their own labels.

How many versions of one album are you really going to buy?
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