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Default Re: Don't be fooled by inside the chasis shots of AV preamps

Originally Posted by Silver Supra View Post
We can post pics of amplifiers and I bet we will find lots of transistors, resistors, caps and a big toroidal transformer... the logical conclusion is that they too are made from the same manufacturer.

I have no problem with a little bit of conspiracy theories - but the processor pics are starting to get tiresome.

If I were a moderator I might have brought out the ban stick about two weeks ago!
I am not annoyed by seeing "under the hood" type pics of any gear. It was the non-sensical campaigning that all A/V components are made with the same parts therefor high-end gear is a scam and you are getting ripped-off if you buy it - this is what got the guy banned because it is clearly wrong-minded thinking.

Even if you are not an engineer, and/or don't know what you are looking at in "under the hood" pics., it almost goes against this hobby to just refuse to want to see them. I think banning people just because they show internal pics of their gear is wrong, and I don't think those that control this board would do that - or least I hope they would not.

I am not a mechanic, but when the hood pops up on a high-end car, I want to see.
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