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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

I will make an argument here. Benes on avs captures the exact video bit rate on bluray titles. 24 mbps AVC seems to be the magic number. HDDVD is capable of this as well.
When I consider a BD (or HD DVD) player's performance characteristics I'm talking about HDMI for digital audio and HDMI for digital video since that represents the ideal connection strategy which most AV enthusiats are embracing or moving towards. Naturally there will be consumers who lack HDMI on one device or another, and for them they certainly will care about analog performance or SPDIF performance. Those consumers should indeed investigate to find a player that performs up to their expectations via non-HDMI interfaces. But for most HT-enthusiast consumers, they either have HDMI for AV or they *will* have HDMI for AV... so the HDMI performance is the main concern.

Huh????!!!! Analog conversion does impact the HDMI user. The thing I have a problem with is people that think you actually listen to 0's and 1's. HDMI must undergo digital to ANALOG conversion either at the BD player throught its processor the passed through the analog outs
HDMI is a pure digital conection for both audio and digital signals. In regards to audio, all analog conversion is handled by the recevier. In regards to video, all analog conversion would be handled by the projector or display. This is why the analog conversion quality of the BD/HD DVD player is irrelevent if you use HDMI as your means of getting audio to the receiver... the receiver is handling all the d/a conversion for your sound using the HDMI connection (just like the receiver handles the d/a conversion for your coax/toslink digital connection).

Wow. You sure love hyperbole. You're incredibly misinformed. Every independent test does not have those results. The ones you like may, but not every one.

It performs rather well in tests. In actual use it performs dismally. A device is the sum of all parts and not the capability of doing well in certain tests. A movie is not a test screen or test clip. It's a combination of many things.
A player that does well on tests, but not actual video content? First time I've heard that one... but for argument's sake I won't dismiss your assertions...

Blind tests where actual people get to look at the PQ and SQ and blindly say "that is better," have generally shown the PS3 to come in last.
Can you point me to some of these articles/reviews? As I said earlier, all the reviews I had read ranked the PS3 very highly. I stopped reading reviews of players after I purchased my player last November so if things have changed since then I'd like to know. Certainly, if other players are out-performing the image and sound quality I'm getting with the PS3 over HDMI currently in my AV system then that would be impressive indeed...

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