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Originally Posted by Vinyl Rules! View Post
I used to work for the NSA prior to moving to the private sector (more money and less stress).

Enemy Of The State with Will Smith and Gene Hackman was 100% technically accurate in the technology it depicted, but it's probably no surprise to you that most of what you view in this movie has now been replaced with better, more precise technology.

And if you don't like it and are too publicaly vocal in your disagreement, well, we can always send you on an extended vacation to Gitmo. You do like water, don't you? [This is almost, but not quite a joke ].
Hey, Vinyl...can you post that comment hear without getting into trouble? (Worked for NSA myself in the 80's and 90's - actually I worked at the stepchild the Fannex). PM me (that's a laugh, private messages...right).

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