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Cool Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

Every independent test of BD players ranks the PS3 among the top performers. How is the digital audio via its HDMI inferior to that of any other machine? Are you talking about analog conversion (which doesn't impact any HDMI user)?

Even if the PS3 isn't the best performer in every aspect, I have a hard time taking seriously the above comment given that I've directly compared the Samsung and the PS3 and the PS3 outclassed it without question (of course, so did every other player). Are you including the Sammy in your above post?
Huh????!!!! Analog conversion does impact the HDMI user. The thing I have a problem with is people that think you actually listen to 0's and 1's. HDMI must undergo digital to ANALOG conversion either at the BD player throught its processor the passed through the analog outs, or HDMI straight to the receiver converted to ANALOG by the reciever to be use by what...speakers...composed of ribbons, or domes or woofers or electrostaics - makes no difference - it eventually represents an analog wave form. Humans hear in logarithams. We can't "hear" digital information - what we hear from digital is a better repesentation of the analog wave form represented perfectly by a sinewave. This is where all the oversampling in CD players and other digital equipment came into play. HDMI is no different - it eventually gets convereted to a wave pattern that can be heard by the human ear. Eventually it all comes back to analog, if not we would be able to connect a HDMI connector directly to a speaker (no D/A converts in the speaker - just any old speaker) and hear sound - but you can't. Whether the HDMI crowd believes it or not - if not for analog - you would hear this_________________________
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