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Default Paradigm CC-590 vs. CC-690 - matched to Studio 100 v.4

Hi all -

I've posed this question elsewhere - just wanted to get the full range of answers/advice ...

I purchased a CC-590 and Studio 20's v.4 recently (plus ADP-590's). Running 7.0 (until I can afford a Servo-15 v.2) ...

2-channel listening is at least 90% of my AV time. Thus, I decided to upgrade to Studio 100's v.4 (am selling my Studio 20's and J-29 stands, BTW!)

Question: Is there any concern about timbre difference of CC-590 vs. the 'suggested' CC-690? I know that they are both 'matching' according to Paradigm, but I'm curious to hear from all of you of your real-world listening experiences ...

My gut feeling is that the CC-590 will be fine, especially if only used for HT/dialog channel?

Thank you in advance for your observations/advice -

- Ian Campbell
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