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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player


I directly A-B's the PS3 using the optical digital output as my Meridian 861 v4 doesn't have HDMI yet and identical HDMI cables through the Meridian 421 HDMI switcher to my Sony KDSR70XBR2 display.

I did this with several disc I have/had more than one copy of to minimize time delay and there was no contest. I used the Sony BDP-S1, Samsung BDP-1000 and Samsung BDP-1200 and the PS3 was by far the worst for video and lacked bass extension when compared to ANY of the three other players.

I haven't tried the HDMI digital output but for video it was plainly obvious the PS3 lacked color saturation and edge detail. I have heard many raves of the PS3 as a player, I tested it in my system, and with identical cabling (video, audio was different and I am the first to admit this) and the video of the PS3 was the worst of any Blu-ray player I own. It was still better than SD DVD but no where near what the other stand alone players gave me.

As for 'every independent test' No, mine gave me this data, and I stand by it. Try the test yourself and see if you get something different, but I doubt you will.
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