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Default Re: AppleTV Take 2 Impressions

My AppleTV's are all first generation models which have been upgraded to, I'm assuming, the latest specs. I have no issues streaming content via my AT&T U-Verse high speed internet router. When ever I restart my iTunes my downstairs AppleTV (the farthest from my office) takes about 5-10 seconds longer to come online but once it's locked it never loses the signal. I stream all content from external hard drives too, and still no hiccups or stalls. Truly, it's a solid product in that it does what it advertises. The video codecs were crap in the beginning but they are much improved and with proper ripping rival SD DVD. Music is the same as its always been. Use lossless compression and you'll be fine. The trick to remember is, the AppleTV is going to try and download your content right off the bat, you have to tell it to stream. I think that's a bit of a mistake on Apple's part but oh-well it's an easy fix. It's a fun little box to mess around with. Download the latest version of Handbrake (free on the internet) and you'll have a blast. For video art and details to round out your video info go to and Between those to sites you'll have all the hi-res poster art and info you need to build your little movie/music server on the cheap. Anything else I can help you with let me know.
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