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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

Originally Posted by jimmydaves View Post

You've had both systems, for strictly home theater would you agree the Paradigms would not be a mistake? Also, what are your thoughts with the ADP590 vs the 100 v4's as surrounds. The 590's are quite expensive and small compared with the cc690 and 100s and with the modest discount the dealer is giving me, I could get another pair of the 100 v4's for an additional grand.

I value your advice and I really like your reviews. You make people like me want to audition speakers and equipment they wouldn't necessarily consider. well done.


Sorry for the late reply, thread got lost on me!

The Paradigm is a greta HT system, and if I had to differentiate between the Def Tech and Paradigm, I would slightly prefer the Paradigm's for movies, the Def Tech's for music. This is my own taste however, as I prefer movies to have a little more forward sound as it seems to be more involving for me, with music, which I often play louder than movies, sometimes, depending on what I am listening to that forwardness can get fatiguing to my ears.

Now, as far as using Studio 100's for surrounds? You are an animal! I am all for identical speakers for fronts and surrounds, but quite frankly often it is just not possible, especially with large fronts like the 100's. Those speaker do need some space behind them to breath and really bring out their bass response, but if you have the room and the cash, it would be great. Now for the rear surrounds, you could go hog wild and get a third pair of 100's, or something smaller (hehehehehheeee).

When we spoke to the guys @ Def Tech about reviewing the ST's, they asked what system I would like and I told them four of the ST towers and a center. Even they sort of stepped back and said 'wow, that would be one hell of a system' and they were right, it is!

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