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Default Re: Is Warner’s Hybrid “Total HD” Disc Dead?

Originally Posted by oldman View Post
You are caught in the "must have the best" paradigm, which is stupid. 1080p and 1080 i are the same, and they are probably both better than your eye can resolve. One you have reached the limit of the human body, there is no reason to go farther.
Amplifiers have considerably wider bandwidth than humans can hear and more is always better. hi def broadcast movies on the 1080P are beyond anything I've ever had. So sharp it's mesmerizing.

The reason I have one TODAY is I dared the salesman to sell me because I was going to wait a year for 1080P prices to fall. Then he offered me the 1080P at a 720P price so it was very simple. I didn't have to wait.

If you're going to pony up the same money get the best you can get. It would defy logic to do any less.
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