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Default Re: Sony selling OLED sets @ Sony Style

The HPA's channels are denoted by the number, HPA-2 is two channel, HPA-3 is three channel, same for all the proceed amps amp 5 is five channels, BPA-3 three etc.

I could easily fit the two on my rack that is off the the side of the room, maybe i would put one on an amp stand, one as the base, hadn't gone that far. I would want to keep the three for the front up front, so I was prepared to move three of the 20A lines to that wall and I was hunting for a racxk to hold three across and a center channel and my 70" RPTV above or I might have kept what I use now, which would have held two and added an amp stand.

I actually placed the order for the amps (5x436's) and while waiting for them, got a sneak peak at the new 5 series ML amps so due to the long wait for the 436's (they weren't expected until 11/2007, I ordered in summer) and the 5 series coming out Q1 or Q2 2008, I decide to buy the 433 (immediately available) and wait on the new 5 series.
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