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Default Re: Blu-ray Wins! But The Real Format War Has Only Just Begun

Originally Posted by Vinyl Rules! View Post

Yes, this is a forum for hi-rez movies buffs, but you need to accept the fact Joe and Susie Sixpack drive the market and ultimately determine the quality that is made available to the mass market.
@Vinyl Rules! -
I concur, VR. This is what I mean by the march to mediocrity. We have seen an analogy as I mentioned earlier with how MP3's have degraded sound quality for other music delivery formats. Now, CD's are mastered with extreme dynamic compression b/c short sited artists (yes, artists are also responsible for this!) and record label execs expect that people will listen to lossy compressed audio on cheap earbuds. No, not everyone does, but the commercial impulse is towards the lowest common denominator.

I wonder how long it will be before we see something similar with video downloads, where all video transfers are mastered to overcome the inherent limitations of extreme data compression?

There is a ray of light however, and it is Blu. People have at least shown that they do care more about video than audio. You've seen it - that 60" LCD going out the door, sitting on top of the HTIB. I hold out some hope that this will result in higher quality optical HD media finding some important slice of the market. It won't be overwhelming b/c of the arguments set forth previously, but it will be important, if we are lucky and LOUD.

There is hope - people are used getting accustomed to a paralyzing overabundance of choice as all markets become fractionalized. As a society, we divide our media consumption time already between internet, movies, gaming, music, books. The days when any one monolith can dominate in many human endeavors are becoming rarer and rarer. People may make room for Blu-Ray and downloads over time, as well as DVD's.

Sony was prescient in that regard - some people just wanted a PlayStation, and they ended up with a device that actually converges many of the ways in which people consume media now: movies, downloadable content, music, etc. Many folks hate them, but you have to give some grudging respect - not only did the PS3 serve as a "stealth" weapon in the HD disc wars, but as the PlayStation Network starts to offer downloadable movies in the future, perhaps even music, it starts to look more and more like Sony execs have seen the 10 year future and conceptualized a device that embraces the reality of fractionalization. It may be the first, truly successful "convergence" device.

Geez, how did I end up so far off topic? Boring and pompous. Sorry!
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