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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Vinyl Rules! View Post
But I'm using a 42" 720p plasma I'm happy with so I can't see paying more particularly since I sat out the hi-rez DVD war.

Everyone priorities are different, of course, and for me, the audio experience is personally more important than the video experience, as long as the video is of decent quality.

I recognize that for others the video is just as, or more important, and that's OK: Some people like Rocky Road whilst others prefer Pecan Butter Crunch.

You system might be even more complicated than my own, I hope you don't have to tear it down too often! I can see you not needing/wanting better video for you 42" 720p plasma, but given that the audio is the most important thing to you, you are missing out on first far less compressed DD and DTS, and forget about the improvement with LPCM or bitstream DTS MA or DD+ or any of the other new codecs Blu-ray offers.

I can tell you even on small, simple systems (take my bedroom rig with a receiver and 5.1 wall mounted speaker) the difference between DD or DTS and LPCM is HUGE!!!!!

You really owe it to yourself to go listen to a HD player set up to demo you the differences between these two outputs on any system and you will be floored, forget about even needing a highly resolving system (though it will only further the difference) you can tell on little cheapo systems from BB or CC even, it is that great.

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