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Default Re: Blu-ray Wins! But The Real Format War Has Only Just Begun

Originally Posted by goldear View Post
I'm sorry to say, but I have had a completely different experience than this. If "most" people wanted the most out of their new TVs, the first thing they would do is get it properly calibrated. Yet, several friends and members of my own extended family don't even bother to set the user settings correctly...thinking torch mode gives them the best picture.
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I've found out that as a movie-buff and even as just a SD-DVD collector over the years that I am in the minority (niche) among most the people I know; most of these people are fine just renting their movies. My only hope is that BD can still survive as a niche if that is what it has to do.
This simply is more affirmation of what I have been saying in other posts: Movie buffs who want to view 1080p content are a small minority.

Joe and Susie Sixpack are where the real money is, and this is who the studios will be targeting. Joe & Susie will be in video heaven with Apple TV downloads, and on their $1,199 42" LCD screens, they will never see the difference between a 1080p Blu Ray and a 720p Apple TV download.

And with a $350 HTIB sound system, who can hear any difference in the audio?

Yes, this is a forum for hi-rez movies buffs, but you need to accept the fact Joe and Susie Sixpack drive the market and ultimately determine the quality that is made available to the mass market.
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