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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
Relax Lotus that's why I wrote this:

Several pieces of information made a hellva lot of sense to me, especially about MS pushing Toshiba into doing this format, they aren't stupid and know to go it alone was half suicide but with MS weight behind it, what the heck? And with the codecs MS pushing and HDi, I remember that being VERY important to MS. Granted I agree this was a MS hater that wrote this( pretty obvious) but it does not mean he/she did not have some very valid points.
It's all based off faulty assumptions. Toshiba went after MS.

HD DVD was Toshiba's mistake pure and simple. MS helped them and then wanted something from Toshiba and they didn't get it. At least that is my understanding.

The facts in the article are not even facts for the most part. I only pointed out the big errors about the 360 not to mention Windows CE, etc.
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