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Thumbs up There IS No Download Dilema (For Verizon Customers) [Was:Re: The Download Dilema]

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Samsung has an $99 version of "XBOX LIVE MARKETPLACE," that is supposed to come out this summer. Basically its a Box for your TV that allows you to download all the LIVE movies in up to 720p.

I also know Samsung is planning on building these units into their TVs for 2009.

If MS nabs VIZIO and other popular TV manufacturers with it, it will catch on.

Space isn't important with these units you buy once, and can re-download whenever you want.
The article referenced in the very first post in this thread references a blog at TechCrunch written by a gentleman named David Riley.

I posted the following as a reply to his blog report (Mr. Riley apparently has no working knowledge of optical networking and its commercial applications AND potential).

Feel free to read it and come to your own conclusion - I don't expect to make believers out of everyone here, as some prefer physical media in lieu of electrons. I myself fall into that category as I still collect vinyl records and I would never download music I can purchase on a CD, or even better, on a re-issued vinyl LP!

As always, here, YMMV, of course.


Mr. Riley,

You need to acquaint yourself and understand “DWDM:” Dense Wave Digital Multiplexing. This is why Verizon is deploying fibre to the home - They understand DWDM and because they know how to use it and what it can do, they will be able to very easily upgrade their network with DWDM. This means they will be able to offer 1080p downloads to the customers long before 2010 whilst other Telco’s and Cable Companies can only dream about this capability.

Verizon is the ONLY major Telco to understand why it was so important to bite the financial bullet and run fibre directly to the home. Virtually all the others are running fibre to a neighborhood switch, but the final connection from this switch is a really slow copper wire connection to a customer’s home. What this means in a practical sense is that with DWDM and fibre to your home, Verizon will be able to send thousands of TV channels and multiple 1080p movies to your home whilst their competitors will be stuck trying to compete with Verizon using old, obsolete, outdated, really slow copper wire connectivity to their customer’s homes.

And in case you didn’t know, Verizon’s is the largest local telephone company in the US, and they now have, after their acquisition of GTE, almost as many customers as AT&T had before the DOJ broke up AT&T into seven different local telephone companies.

So why is DWDM such a great technology? Rather than bore you here, go to and first type in “OC-1” to understand how fibre networks function, then type in “DWDM” and your jaw will drop. The short version: Before DWDM, only one signal could be sent down a single strand within a fibre optic cable. Now, with DWDM, hundreds of signals can be sent down just ONE strand.

Bottom line: If you have fibre connected directly to your home and your carrier is deploying DWDM (like Verizon is), Blue Ray downloads and Blue Ray VOD will be here in less than two years.

Mr. Riley, please do a bit more research and fact checking before you try and scare your readers with such inaccurate information as you have written in this article I am responding to. I am disappointed in your lack of due diligence in researching your facts before you put finger to keyboard.


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