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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I buy my Blu-rays from Amazon and have spent ~$18 each for them. This is the same price as if I went to BB or CC and bought a standard DVD off the shelf, so I find the software price to be comparable.

Sure, if I bought it in BB, it would be $30, which IS too high, but a simple google search will find you all kinds of deals and sales that make them similarly priced to SD DVD's.
$18 is a great price and you are doing well to get them at this price.

Problem is, I'm a cheapskate when it comes to buying DVD's, and I refuse to pay more than $14.99 for one, and I wouldn't pay more than this for a Blu Ray.

I'm patient and I've discovered that virtually anything I want, except special collectible releases and box sets, eventually end up within 18 months or so in a CC, BB or Wal-Mart $10 or less bin. And I used some coupons Border's emailed me after Christmas to buy Season 6 of "24" for $24.95 when BB and CC wanted $49.95 for it.

But I'm using a 42" 720p plasma I'm happy with so I can't see paying more particularly since I sat out the hi-rez DVD war. And if I do decide to buy a Blu Ray player (I'm going to wait and see how many titles end up actually being released - A huge amount of good vinyl recordings never got released on CD, so I'm wary) I will give the Blu Ray Oppo a hard look when it comes out this summer.

Everyone priorities are different, of course, and for me, the audio experience is personally more important than the video experience, as long as the video is of decent quality. I'm happy with my current video display and friends who visit are figuratively (and sometimes literally) astounded by the sound from our 5.1 system. But it did take me almost a year to get the sound system optimized for the room we have it in.

I recognize that for others the video is just as, or more important, and that's OK: Some people like Rocky Road whilst others prefer Pecan Butter Crunch.
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