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Default Re: Absolute best source?

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
Just discovered this thread. Thanks guys.

While I give it a read-thru, tell me: I've had my Audio Alchemy DAC 3.0 and AA DTI PRO 32 Jitter Filter (with 20-bit resolution upconversion) for about 10 years.

Is there any DAC/Jitter-reduction solution out there for under or around $1K that is the considered the best bang-for-the-buck audiophile sound? I'm definitely one of those guys who can hear differences between transports and resolution-upconversion settings on the DTI PRO, so you don't need to convince me about the subtleties of audiophile sound.


You may end up hating me for this suggestion, but you might want to check out the Less Loss DAC.

Any company that uses an Aldous Huxley quote at the top of their web site is not going to be just any ordinary company. Particularly when the two principals hail from the state of Texas and the country of Lithuania.

At 3,000 Euros it's way more than $1,000, but the technical papers posted on their web site are a must-read for anyone interesting in reducing digital jitter in their system.

Their equipment is used in many professional studios.

They only sell direct and do not advertise, so I don't expect any of the traditional audiophile rags to even acknowledge their presence, but I'd sure like to hear one and form my own opinion.

But wait: Maybe Audio/Video Revolution can buy one and test it and report back to us, then run a contest and give it away. Hint, Hint, Hint to the Moderators.

And all this engineering and technology from a company HQ'd in Lithuania!
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