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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
I think both of you would benefit from reading this:
You may not agree/believe everything there but it is a very good read.
What a horribly written article. The "facts," it claims are for the most part pure rubbish. This was written by an anti-MS person who had no time to check his facts. The writer has no idea where to get data from. Reading that article and some of the links to his previous articles shows his total inability to obtain accurate data. That is why the media isn't reporting the same things as him. Because they're able to get the data he is unaware of.

The writer conveniently mistook PS3 shipped numbers for sales. Then he put up the sales graph from NPD which didn't back up his claims. He also mistook 360 shipped numbers for sales later.

The 360 continues to sell better than it did the previous year. MS is shipping less 360s, but selling more. This is roughly what the 360 did:

2005: 3M in sales (shipped 3M).
2006: 6M in sales (shipped 10M).
2007: 8M in sales (shipped 7M).

The PS3 is doing ok, but with the exception of January of this year has been in 3rd place since release behind the Wii and 360. The writer also seems to have a problem understanding that NPD doesn't report ALL sales but Quarterly Release reports for stock holders generally do. In one of his articles he even talks about "downloads," and how MS is doing horribly. MS doesn't let NPD or anyone track their LIVE sales. They do however announce their numbers to stockholders. LIVE sold more movies than HDM combined last year.

There are 17M 360s sold out there. There are over 10M currently registered XBOX LIVE members, and 7M that never renewed their memberships. I can log into Halo 3 and see 1M people online that I could possibly have a chance to play with. COD4 has just as many players to choose from.
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