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Default Re: Cleaning machines - VPI HW-16.5

Got the new virgin vinyl, and Aja sounds excellent. Gonna get to DSOTM this weekend. Also used the VP1 HW-16.5 record cleaning machine as well. I think it did a great job cleaning up the 3 discs in the Fantasia collection I have had since the Earth cooled.

Whereas before, I could not continue listening to Side 1 (of 6), it is not bad now. I don't want to imply that there are no scratches, but the hissing is certainly gone, and the scratches are quite minimized.

The comments about the cleaning machine having excessive noise were unfounded. Really simple to use. I cleaned 6 discs (12 sides), and then drained the fluid. Not a lot, but it was definitely dirty!

The package that I purchased comes with additional cleaning/deep-cleaning fluids. I will be seeing how that works as well.

All-in-all, I am very happy with the cleaning machine!
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