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Default Re: Blu-ray Wins! But The Real Format War Has Only Just Begun

Originally Posted by goldear View Post
I'm sorry to say, but I have had a completely different experience than this. If "most" people wanted the most out of their new TVs, the first thing they would do is get it properly calibrated. Yet, several friends and members of my own extended family don't even bother to set the user settings correctly...thinking torch mode gives them the best picture.

The idea that J6P, who just barrowed heavily to invest in his new microdisplay, is now going to just drop another $400 plus on his way out the door on a BP player isn't logical...especially if Mrs. J6P has anything to say about it. And as was already pointed out, most J6Ps who invested in 720/1080i displays aren't just going to unload these for the newer displays when the former was already a luxury investment that is probably still being paid off.

Heck, I have two Bro-in-Laws who have moved into the HT arena because of my interests in it (and of course, the way my system sounds when they come over). While each of them has bought into relatively modest sound systems, they both have gone hog-wild on the displays. The lawyer picked up 3 in one day for his house, while the other has gradually added more throughout his house.

Sadly, while I was able to drag one into the HDM fold about a year ago (he chose HD-DVD)...even setting him up with a great deal, the other was just fine with his upconverting DVD player. In fact, when I checked with the former a few months back to see how his HD collection was coming along, he said he still only had the 2 HD-DVDs I gave him because he wasn't going to pay $25-$30 for a movie when he can get it at half that on DVD. According to him, his X2 does a good enough job converting SD-DVDs.

I've always been a collector of movies--from VHS to LD to DVD and HD-DVD. But even here, my J6P friends give me grief about the size of my SD-DVD collection (that is until they want to barrow a movie). I've found out that as a movie-buff and even as just a SD-DVD collector over the years that I am in the minority (niche) among most the people I know; most of these people are fine just renting their movies. My only hope is that BD can still survive as a niche if that is what it has to do.
I hear you, and your are right new sets should be calibrated to get the best picture possible, but calibrated or not there is a significant difference (in most cases) in picture quality from sd dvd up-convered to bd or hd dvd. It is easy to see the difference even from your so called non video phile. I would guess bd will be much more than a niche in two years, I think we will all have a good idea of where it will be going by years end.
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