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Default Re: Blu-ray Wins! But The Real Format War Has Only Just Begun

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post

I am a BIG supporter of video calibration but you aren't suggesting that a calibration would make a DVD look better than a Blu-ray on an HDTV are you? That's a little bit of a leap.

For $300 each - someone who cares should have a Blu-ray player AND a professional calibration. Why buy the Ferrari complete with a tune-up but then pump 87 octane gas in tank? It just doesn't make sense.

Sorry Jerry, but that isn't nearly what I am suggesting. I'm responding to a poster who said that most people who buy a new TV will want to get the most out of their TVs and thus will buy a BD player. My reply is that if most people wanted to get the most out of their TV, the first thing they would do is set it up properly...but most people don't even do that. Heck, you don't even need a professional calibration, but at least get it out of Torch mode.
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