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Default Re: AppleTV Take 2 Impressions

For me the worth of the AppleTV goes beyond renting HD content. For me it is Kaledescape on the cheap, for it gives me instant access to my SD and music library. Granted I had to rip everything myself but it was a small price to pay for the ultimate enjoyment and savings it provides me over more expensive and complicated products. If you're buying an AppleTV purely for the HD rental service then, no, it may not be completely worth it. But when you have a music and movie library like I do being able to catalog it with an easy to use system such as iTunes the AppleTV represents a phenomenal value. I have all of my content on a few external drives in my office and use the AppleTV's to stream that content throughout my house without having to tear open my walls and running cable etc. The HD features are simply an added bonus for me. If you utilize or are looking to create a system such as mine then the AppleTV is a GREAT way to go without having to spend serious coin to do relatively the same thing. Once HD content can be owned via the AppleTV it's value will be cemented whole heartedly.
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