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Default SACD vs. Blu-ray

I see why you said what you did but as someone who has been involved deeply in both format wars - please allow me to suggest it is a little different now.

SACD didn't win as it NEVER made it to the mainstream. Major's didn't replace CDs on the shelves with SACD(hybrids) etc... And its one of the reasons why they suffer today. No added value. Also SACD required MANY cables to work to its best, the players were expensive etc... It was just a failure overall based out of the fear of the labels.

Blu-ray is a $300 disc player that can CREAM an upconverting DVD player in terms of performance. One cable - right into your 37 inch LCD (a bigger one some day would give you more pixels to enjoy all that 1080p has to offer) would look significantly better and could give you high resolution surround that is something to behold if you have an HDMI 1.3 AV preamp (coming soon to a store near you this spring/summer).

Lastly - how about music on BR? Do you think the labels can figure this market out or is a 1/2 CD download the best they can accept for fear we might try to steal music instead of buying it?

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