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Default Re: BD live (Blu-ray 2.0) players, etc.

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post

The deal is, Blu-Ray should not have ever been launched in the condition and state it was in.
As you point out with these new Sony players just catching up to what HD DVD already had.
This whole thing is a big mess. To me, especially on the consumer level, there are no winners here. Just more upset people once again, more confusion.

Should not be so.
I understand your point of view. A competitive marketplace produces messy results, not "ideal" ones. Still, market competition has its advantages. It is what pressured both camps into producing higher quality at a lower price. Interesting how, well before Toshiba's announcement, BD players' prices jumped up substantially. I don't think we'll be seeing any more free movie offers now!
After losing the betamax war, Sony started investing in Hollywood studios. They understood that the outcome of future technology wars would be determined, not just by the merits of the technology, but by broader strategic alliances.
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