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Default Re: AppleTV Take 2 Impressions

Guys at one of my companies downloaded a title on AppleTV and on the 360 to compare the 720p downloadables. Catalog searching was much easier with the AppleTV version in their opinion.The first thing is the AppleTV lets you start watching the movie shortly after starting to download. The 360 took around 3 hours to download the movie before you could watch it.

PQ they said they could see a difference between the two and that the edge went to the 360. They also said skipping, rewinding, and fastforwarding was much quicker on the 360. SQ they said was better on the 360 too.

The big differences:

AppleTV you rent. 360 you own.

PQ was in their opinion "good," for both units, but when they compared it to an HDM version (I don't know if they used BD or HD-DVD because they didn't tell me what movie it was) the HDM version was a noticable improvement. They thought it had to do more with compression than with 1080p.

IMHO both offer true HD experiences for those who want to go that route. Both units may in the future offer 1080p and high def audio codecs.

With Samsung releasing a $99 (That is the number I've heard but it may have up to a $149 price tag) MS LIVE MARKETPLACE unit this summer combined with the AppleTV offering there are going to be other legitimate HD solutions for the home. With AppleTV and the LIVE unit definately leading the way in convenience if not PQ and SQ and extras.
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