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Default Re: Sony selling OLED sets @ Sony Style

Well, a lot has changed. I sold my Meridian 861 in fear of the v5 or v6 coming out and the cost to upgrade mine with all the cards it had in it would be huge so I am using an Anthem D2, and right now waiting on the new one with room correction to review which is on it's way as I type.

Amps have stayed the same, ML 433 and HPA-2, I have been cleaning house and getting everything perfectly maintained lately, taking care of all those little annoyances in the system. Oh, and I am trying to get my hands on the new Denon pre/pro, looks to be pretty amazing piece with all the codecs you could want and 12 yes 12 balanced, assignable output channels and 6:2 HDMI 1.3a switching and 1080p scaling.

I am truly amazed at how fast this market is changing. Less than two years ago we didn't have HDM, now we have a winning format in Blu-ray and are starting to see the technology trickle into the pre/pro world already, while receivers are full on ready for anything you can feed them!

This is an exciting time in AV and I'm glad to be a part of it!
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