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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Mornelithe View Post
Hey Lotus, have you been following GDC??? I remembered you saying your wife programs for your 3 consoles, was wondering if you'd heard about Insomniac's Nocturnal Initiative, going open source and all. Is she going to be checking that stuff out?? Sounds like a pretty cool idea (on paper at least!) hehe.

I was actually out there. My wife still is. There was actually a lot of people making fun of Insomniac. It basically went like this "They want to share their code in hopes that others will improve it for free." They want others to share their code too so they can make their games better. They just want to do it without paying good coders.

Resistance 2 needs all the help it can get from what I hear. The other rumors were that it was a last ditch effort by Insomniac to "stay Sony." If they can't limit costs they may have to start supporting the idea of multi-platform release. This is something Insomniac has never done (they've always only released to Sony consoles).

The coolest thing I saw at GDC was the Unreal code updates being shown for "Gears of War 2," for the 360. They are going all out on that title, and it looks to be the first really amazing looking NextGen game. For the first time someone is taking advantage of the 360's graphics. The VP even mentioned that they could not do the same graphics on the PS3.

Now I'd just like to see a PS3 developer take advantage of the Physics capabilities of the PS3. You could have better action if someone would fully take advantage of it. The guys at LucasArts mentioned that if they'd designed their new Force game for just the PS3 they could have gone much, much, much further in the Physics realm.
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