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Smile Re: The Download Dilema

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
Deacon - these kids are different today. As soon as they hit 14, they are trying to find a job (not trying for an education to get a better job). They want to work now - why? Because they want stuff now if mom and dad can't afford it. They just don't want a car - they want a good car, they want 150.00 sneakers, Ipods, Iphones, ect...! And they will work just to have these things but have nothing to go to the "head" in (Naval term for bathroom). My kids had more than I ever had but thought they didn't have enough. My son's have HT's that consist of Snell, Polk SDA, Paradigm, Denon, Citation, dbx, ect!!!! They want it all!!!! And they find a way to get it. My youngest son - who has moved out - has always had a running account with Nintendo to get his favorite old skool games on the Wii - I didn't fund this. Teens have more spending power that ever. Don't overlook them.
Don`t get me wrong, my stepson is 15, turning 16 tomorrow. But, despite it all, you do have to set limits. Whether they want you to, or not. Whether they have their own job. But, I hear you.
All I`m saying is that its early in the game. Blu-Ray is king, lets chill and see what the future brings. Much has to happen, Blu-Ray has definitely got to improve its act, esppecially for the mainstream customers to jump on board. Lets not forget the burnt and angry HD DVD customers.
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