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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Sony could help their cause and drive faster acceptance of the Blue Ray format for movie buffs if they do TWO things:

(1) Add a standard DVD layer to Blue Ray (they have the room) so they are backwardly compatible with existing "regular" DVD players;
We both agree on the advantages of dual-format discs. So I'm on your side from a desireability standpoint.

I'm not sure if BD hardware could handle this properly. I seem to recall that certain BDA companies were investigating something like this a year ago but nothing ever materialized. If it was possible and was feasable, I would have assumed we'd have it like we got Combo HD DVD/DVD discs. Dual-sided (flipper) solutions aren't the answer however as consumers wouldn't like it... you'd need a dual-format solution that has both a 50GB BD and dual-layer DVD accessed from the same side of the platter with silk-screen art on the other side.

(2) Price these discs the same as regular DVD's.
But the discs would cost more... a *lot* more to make versus standard DVDs.

If software providers can't make money selling something, why would they make and sell it?

BD replication costs will continue to fall and should eventually approach DVD prices (though probably never meet them). However, a dual-format disc is a 4-layer structure that will always cost more to manufacture than a standard DVD or BD.
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