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Thumbs down Re: Samsung Sued Over Blu-ray Players That Won't Play All Discs

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Blu-ray isn't perfect but if early adopters do not jump on board - expect LOW RES solutions to win just like with the MP3.
OMG Jerry, I can't believe you said this?

You expect people to be 'early adopters' after what just happened with HD-DVD? Why should I support (by early purchase) a emerging standard, I hope those consumers coming from HD-DVD only 'BUY-IN' to Bluray when the thing works as advertised! It is not about the $300, it is about Sony and their partners bringing Bluray to market before it was ready.

If something is poorly designed or implimented adopting it early is not going to save it, all you get is a device that doesn't work as advertised and in this case a resulting law suit!

Please don't suggest that we run out and buy these so Sony can keep things going...
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