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Default Re: Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

I know a lot of folks that use an Oppo as a digital transport. I have the new Denon Bluray transport that has only 1 output (HDMI 1.3).

Not knowing the eletronic enginering part of the mix, I have the following question. Would the 2 channel world benefit from using the extra capacity of the HDMI interface? I was wondering if there is any benefit from shifting high end transports and DACS form using the standard digital connection methods to using HDMI? Would an HDMI digital connection eliminate any restrictions that current digital interface (toslink, coax) has?

That way, my Denon transport could just have an additional HDMI out, without needing design in the conventional toslink and coax interface. I know that it is all still in the digital domain, but the simpler the better, in my opinion.

Probably a stupid question. Just curious.
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