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Default Re: I find it funny...

Well said Andrew!

I just checked the equipment reviews, and guess what? Four for Blu-ray to Five for HD DVD and two of the HD DVD's were the XA1 and A1, which were identical mechanisms I believe.

Now, as far as being HD DVD biased, Jerry, Andrew and I have had many discussions over which format was better and we never came up with one over the other. I know for a fact the only endpoint for these discussions seemed to always be Andrew's plea for them to "just work!".

I have bought four Blu-ray players yet only two HD DVD players, so I guess it must be obvious I was HD DVD biased! Quite the contrary, in fact I was more pro Blu-ray early on, it was all the fun along the way (HDCP handshake issues, magenta screens failure to play on some sets/with some discs..... I am sure I'm missing some, and neither format was immune to these issues!) that slightly swayed me towards HD DVD, as in the end the were more likely to "just work".

We all knew buying any player carried a risk of having a new doorstop or boat anchor or whatever, so why are some so adamant fighting over this loss? It seems like losing that last hand of blackjack and yelling at the guy next to you who won (BTW Andrew, he didn't start off with 15!) it just doesn't make sense to me.
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